The fall
A single piece of paper when dropped can fall in many different ways; and the possibilities are endless depending on the methods used in manipulating them. This paper shuttle then traces a certain fall, an event that has come into existence by the simple act of dropping it. The paper shuttle’s fall, becomes a part of a series of moments captured in time. In essence, a tower was to be created in order to observe the fall of this shuttle
The intersection as 'Vesica Pisces'                                                                                                                                                           This notion of creation, of an affair that was previously nonexistent, can be related to the symbolism of the ‘Vesica Pisces’. The Vesica Pisces is made by linking two circles together, bringing the outside edge of each to the midway point of the other, the repetition of which leads to the ‘Tree of Life’. The Vesica represents the basic idea of duality, with a unity emerging from the integration or marriage of two circles each endowed with a contrasting meaning.
Arrangement of the stair system
The nature of the shuttle is reflected on the arrangement of the stairs where they come together to view the shuttle or move apart to view the outside. When one ascends and follows the movement of the staircase, there is a deliberate prolonging of experience: at some moments, you are closer to the fall, at others you move away from it. The crossing of the stairs at the intersection are defined by landings where one can pause and observe the shuttle. 

The stairs connect to the spaces by extending their movement, thereby allowing the viewer to experience a space which becomes a part of the staircase system. This resulted in funnel - like volumes that also directs views based on their positioning. These volumes are combined in ways to explore their spatial relationships. 
The project is defined by two spaces that intersect, imparting an overlapping quality to each of the spaces through the interactions between them. The intersection between the loops of the shuttle, as the’ Vesica Pisces’, defines the position of the two loops at any given point in time, making it an integral part of the design of the Observation tower.

The fall of the shuttle is located at the meeting point of the Site with the alleyway that runs perpendicular to it, further reinforcing the significance of its intersection. On entrance, one converges into a large volume of the inter-connected open staircase system. At this point, visual connectivity is achieved at the lowermost level to S.Main st. The ground has been manipulated to step up which results in platforms where one can sit and observe the landing of the shuttle.
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